Prime Yield Angola is continuously investing in the improvement of its Human and Technical Resources, aiming not only to provide its clients a high quality service but also to consolidate its position in the asset market and boost significant competitive advantages.

Prime Yield Angola invests in teamwork and in self-improvement, knowing that our success is based in the creativity, initiative, effort and commitment of the people that make our team.

Our Human Resources strategy is focused in the following premises:

  • Attracting the best employees;
  • Recruit the fittest employees according to the key skills and needs required for each position;
  • Developing the skills of each employee, enabling an environment where all can assure its self-improvement and has the opportunity to progress professionally;
  • Motivate the employees, encouraging them to be involved in all the firm’s important decisions as well as recognizing their contribution for the company’s development;
  • Holding the best employees, allowing them a self and professional development and fulfilment.
What do we look for?

We consider motivation, education and the ability to adapt to change to be the more important assets of our workforce, thus defending that our most significant competitive advantage is the excellence of our services and employees.

To maintain our leadership, we look for people who are committed, who aspire to high quality standards and wish to thrive in a dynamic work environment. In other words, Prime Yield looks to attract the best employees, who are able to address change and challenges in a positive way. In return, the company offers an opportunity for career development, both national and internationally.

We offer a work environment marked by mutual confidence and respect and integration in a young and dynamic team.

In terms of career, we look for people with a degree in property valuation, consultancy or property management, for a consultant position in the areas of mortgage lending, property valuation or consultancy.

Briefly, consultants for mortgage lending and/or property consultancy should be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Identifying requests for consultancy for mortgage lending/property consultancy and needs for collecting additional data.
  • Collecting all the data needed for the development of a market analysis.
Current Job Offers

No available job offers at the moment


Prime Yield Angola perceives internships as an excellent opportunity for young people to begin their professional path. In this area, we offer a wide and diversified range of opportunities suitable to several backgrounds and to which the trainee can apply to, namely:

  • Academic Internships – particularly directed to those who are still studying, but want to combine study and business experience;
  • Professional Internships – directed to those who have completed their academic studies and prepare for an effective entry into the labour market.

Brief description of Internship offers:

  • Academic Internships
    Academic Internships correspond to training periods in the company that are directly related to the trainee’s academic plan, meaning that they integrate the academic training programme in that the specific degree plans of trainees determine. These internships are not financed by the company and only include the payment of a value equivalent to a meal subsidy.
  • Professional Internships
    Professional Internships are awarded to students who have completed technical and professional training or that attend or have completed college or higher education. It is intended that, in a context of approach to active life, they can develop activities comprised in the company’s everyday work and, at the same time, allow to consolidate the education completed and to acquire professional experience, also contributing to the development of the company.
Unsolicited Application

If you don’t find a job or internship offer that fits your profile, you can also submit your spontaneous application.

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