Snag List (Technical Audit)

When buying or leasing a property, one hopes to receive it in perfect conditions. But, in fact, many of these properties are not completed according to the high standards identified by the buyer, ab initio. The buyer must also be informed about the real need of making all the identified repairs and alterations, so a close inspection could save time and money in a long-term view.

Prime Yield Angola provides two lines of technical diligence services – namely Snag List and Full Structural Survey -, which differ considering the amount of information and the type of advisement needed by the client for a specific property.

Snag List is a survey of faults or unfinished details in new, renewed or used property. During the acquisition of a new property, we advise that a technical diligence is undertaken prior to the deed of sale. This will assure that all the finishing details will be completed, thus preventing future problems with the constructor after being in use of the property.

Our clients resort to us to feel confidant in the business they are doing. Knowing that a new home or new office is completed accordingly to high quality and professional standards saves the client time, money and stress.

We survey new and used properties, for residential or commercial uses. Our service offers a professional high quality survey to property in a very independent and objective way. The service outputs are a written report and a photo report. All internal and external areas of the property are surveyed and included in the report.

Full Structural Survey comprehends a survey of faults, but goes further, aiming to satisfy the client that, additionally, requests higher complexity elements such as a technical diagnosis of the project, construction methods and building materials used in his property. It also includes an open market valuation of the property.

Acquiring a property is an expensive process, therefore it is only natural that buyers aim to minimize costs at the buying moment, including avoiding a technical diagnosis of the property. Buyers usually rely on the information disclosed by the seller.

But, in Prime Yield Angola’s point of view it is absolutely essential to have an independent external opinion that identifies the most important negative and positive features of the property. In this type of work, an expert will thoroughly survey the property, checking all visible or easily accessible areas in order to examine the projects’ robustness, general condition and all small or big faults. These experts follow a professional code of practice and conduct and the client can be sure to receive a very detailed report, including all the survey findings.

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